Heineken Order with HEINEKEN Cambodia

Mobile App 2021-03-11
Heineken Order is an Outlet, you will be able to order beer directly from CBL and have it delivered directly to you. You can also - Check out special promotions which are available only through our app. - View your previous orders and the details - Directly get in touch with the Distributor about your order - Check out your Loyalty Points for wedding orders As a Distributor, you will be able to accept, reject or cancel orders from Outlets. You can also: - View previous order details - Order on behalf of Outlets for Wedding Orders - Collect documentation for wedding


Heineken needs a working and stable platform for beer order operations between outlets, whole sellers, distributors, and sale staffs while their existing platform is not yet ready for production because of bugs. Also Heineken needs the two system to be up


CODE CLANS take over the unfinished platform development, fix the bugs, and update it to make it ready for production. Now CODE CLANS continues the enhancements and maintenance with new update requirements.


nodejs, vuejs, docker, radius, mariadb, aws