Adobe Express has introduced an enterprise tier that includes generative AI technologies.

By: Admin Business UI/UX Programming
Mar 23 , 2023 - 2 months ago

Adobe Express has introduced an enterprise tier that includes generative AI technologies.


During today's Adobe Summit conference, Adobe introduced the enterprise layer of their creative product Adobe Express. Organizations may use Adobe Firefly, the company's recently released generative AI capabilities, with the corporate subscription.


According to the provider of creative tools, this new product will enable firms to create everything from social media postings to brand material without needing to be design experts. In essence, Adobe is making its Canva rival available to businesses of all sizes.


Adobe Express for Enterprise will be linked with its digital asset management product, Adobe Experience Manager, according to the firm (AEM). Also, users will be able to apply commercial-grade Adobe Firefly picture and text generating effects. Moreover, enterprise users will have access to royalty-free photos, movies, typefaces, and design templates.


According to Govind Balakrishnan, senior vice president of Adobe Express, "During the last year, Adobe Express has successfully proved the unique potential to unlock creativity across users of every creative skill level, everyone from those just starting out to established creative experts."


Moreover, Adobe Express for Enterprise features collaboration options, such as the share-for-review function that enables users to leave comments on a particular project version. Via this new service, the firm hopes to include non-designers in the process of developing brand assets and content.


Customers of Creative Cloud enterprise may access Adobe Express for Enterprise in beta. The cost of the package was not made public by Adobe, however as a point of comparison, Adobe Express premium plans start at $9.99 per month.