The use of digital and social media to communicate with customers

2021-06-10 - Posted by: Admin

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The use of digital and social media to communicate with customers

Both digital media and social media have grown to become an important part of business, particularly in relation to communication and marketing activities.

Digital and social media enable the use of electronic communication for sharing ideas, content, information and messages. Digital media may include text messages, emails, internet based messaging services and web chats. Social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and Twitter for example. How businesses use digital and social media for communication.

Most business activity on digital and social media involves:


  • Marketing and promotion
  • Interacting with customers
  • Responding to complaints
  • Communicating with stakeholders


How digital and social media has changed business communication


Digital and social media have had a huge influence on how businesses communicate with their customers. Traditionally, businesses used phone calls and letters to pass messages to customers. Businesses also traditionally used forms of advertising such as billboards, posters, TV and radio.

How digital and social media have affected business communication:


Digital and social media have made communication much easier. For example, an email or text is very cheap to send to a large amount of customers, they arrive instantly and can be easily tailored for each individual.


Web chats have become a convenient alternative for phone calls, where a conversation can be had with customers.


Social media has allowed businesses to create an open and instant dialogue with its customers, and is often a free method of communication.


Social media has enabled targeted, cheap, effective advertising.


Texts and emails are now often used to give order updates to customers.


Customers can easily ask questions, or express their views, about the products and services of a business.


How digital and social media help achieve business objectives


Businesses may have a range of objectives, related to areas such as sales and customer satisfaction. Digital and social media are used by businesses to help market and promote businesses. They can be used by both large and small businesses to attract a target audience that is interested in the products and services being promoted or sold. They are also often used to quickly resolve any complaints, respond to reviews and feedback about the business.


By making communication, customer service, and marketing, digital communication easier and more transparent, digital and social media has helped businesses to achieve their objectives.




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