We are excited to share some great news with you

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Apr 18 , 2022 - 7 months ago

We are excited to share some great news with you

We are excited to announce our partnership with Ministry of Environment based project entitled as " Development and Design for Ecotourism Promotion and Information, Education and Communication Materials (Website, Graphics, Layout and Video) " aimed at providing psychosocial support to community members.


The Ministry of Environment is assigned by the Royal Government of Cambodia the mission to lead and manage environmental protection, conservation of biodiversity, utilization of natural resources properly and sustainably, and to sustainably sustain long-term benefits of all Cambodians and all Generation in Cambodia, as stipulated in Sub-Decree No. 135 on dated On 5 July 2016, the Ministry of Environment has a General Secretariat of four Ministries of Mines, a Secretariat and General Secretariat of the National Development Board of Sustainable Development (NCCC), with 35 specialized departments.


After long time period, Today April 8th, 2022 we’re excited that the Ministry of Environment determined CODE CLANS’s outplacement solution will solve the impending challenges facing the Environmental field, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Ministry of Environment to drive further innovation in support of this changing field.  We would like to express our appreciation for the opportunity to collaboration with Ministry of Environment. We are looking forward to continuing this relationship and to future project.


To the Ministry of Environment, We’d like to thank you for awarding CODE CLANS with this important endorsement. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership to address the unique challenges.