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Mobile App 2021-03-11
DAP News, part of the headline media, is one of the fastest growing social information sites in Cambodia. Every month, more and more people come to DAP news for our in-depth social content and the lastest news in the world research. Consider us your intellectual peer. We unravel the complexities of social information and make it easy to understand. We take a deep dive into social research of the past and present, and we break it down to give you the clear-cut facts. Ultimately, we want you you be confident in making informed about social information for yourself and your love ones.


DAP Media Center was established in 2009 as a joint venture between the journalist Soy Sopheap, and Sieng Chanheng, the owner of the Heng Development Company. The Center owns Deum Ampil newspaper, its online version DAP-NEWS.COM focusing on political news


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