Zourbong Mobile App project with GIANTFOCUS Co., Ltd.

Mobile App 2021-03-12
ZOURBONG.COM is a new community site for Cambodians that offers the opportunity and the right to ask questions, debate, evaluate things or places securely, and never give out personal information. ZOURBONG.COM ensures that all personal information is not disclosed to any public image, providing the convenience and confidence of questioning, expressing or expressing your true feelings about something. It is a new place to share, gain new knowledge and exchange the most appropriate life experiences among Cambodians across the country.


Zourbong is a new social media platform made especially for Cambodians. The name of the platform is quite interesting as it can be translated into Khmer as “Ask Me”. Touting itself as “a place to share knowledge”, the name aptly reminds you that if you


CODE CLANS developers understand a lot about Cambodians. we have created 12 categories from real estate to food, health, sports, traveling, education, business and career, technology and electronic devices, beauty, relationship and family, entertainmen